Emily's 18 years experience in therapeutic bodywork, combined with her background and training in yoga and Pilates, support you in your desire to be in a body that feels balanced, moves with ease, and is strong and confident. Emily is a licensed and NCBTMB certified massage therapist, a STOTT PILATES™ Method  certified instructor, and an RYT-200 yoga instructor.


My studio is on the first floor of  81 River Street  in Montpelier, VT.

I share space with acupuncturist Suzanna Bliss, owner of Bliss Healing.

Spring 2017 Hours


Mondays 1:30-7:30

Tuesdays 8-3

Wednesdays 8-3

Thursdays 9-6

Fridays 9-5

Emily Gatewood Massage

Elevating well being through therapeutic massage and personalized mind-body fitness.

Emily Gatewood is a Massage Therapist in Montpelier VT

I think touch has the power to transform.  It can be simple, yet profound, and just require that the receiver allow it to be.

Massage Therapy

Every body is unique and different on any given day, so I offer massage therapy that is  tailored to meet you in the present, emphasizing your preferences and needs.


Whether you seek relaxation,  relief from stress or chronic pain, or rehabilitation from an injury, I will craft a session that's just for you.


Drawing on my 18 years experience and training in many styles of massage, I take pride in being able to weave a seamless experience for you. It is an art, and I am grateful to be able to share this with my clients.


I have been practicing pregnancy massage since 1999, but it has been since the birth of my own two children that I have deeper connection with and love of this work.


I can effectively address your needs while promoting deep relaxation to create a container for present-mindedness.


My clients leave calm and centered. To book your session or learn more, click here.

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Pilates Classes & Instruction

I offer group mat Pilates classes and also private instruction in the STOTT PILATES™ Method. Pilates is a mind-body centered exercise with a  focus on core stability to build strength, flexibility and endurance. Stott Pilates builds on the principles of the late Joseph H. Pilates by utilizing modern knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system aimed at injury  prevention.


Pilates is a powerful fusion of body-mind centered exercise steeped in awareness of proper alignment and muscle balance.


My instruction can be offered with as little equipment as a mat and some floor space and can incorporate small equipment, such as stability balls, hand weights and foam rollers, to offer many, many modifications to the flowing repertoire.


Pilates is unparalleled I believe in providing relief from back pain and stress and moving toward your ideal posture. Pilates is a great compliment to my work as a massage therapist and has given me great confidence in my postural analysis skills and is effective post-rehabilitation exercise.


As someone who has experienced overstretch injuries first-hand, the Pilates "stability before mobility" philosophy really speaks to me.

Core-Flow Yoga Classes & Instruction

I offer both group class and private instruction in core-flow yoga. Core flow yoga is based on the flowing practice of vinyasa yoga, which uses variations on sun salutation to link poses to one another, combined with a focus on core stability including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization and healthy spinal alignment.


Core flow yoga will improve your overall strength and flexibility and is the perfect compliment to my Pilates instruction. Together, core flow yoga and Pilates will bring you peace in mind and body and will result in a more aligned and balanced body.

Emily Gatewood - Yoga Instructor

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