Emily's 20 years experience in therapeutic bodywork, combined with her background and training in yoga and Pilates, support you in your desire to be in a body that feels balanced, moves with ease, and is strong and confident. Emily is a licensed and NCBTMB certified massage therapist, a STOTT PILATES™ Method  certified instructor, and an RYT-200 yoga instructor.


My studio is on the first floor of  81 River Street in Montpelier, VT.

I share space with acupuncturist Suzanna Bliss, owner of Bliss Healing.

Spring 2019 Hours


Mondays 9-7

Tuesdays 9-3

Wednesdays varies

Thursdays 10:30-7

Fridays 9-6

Emily Gatewood Massage

Elevating well being through therapeutic massage and personalized mind-body fitness.


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My sessions with Emily are always restorative.  If I have a particular issue going on, Emily is excellent at helping me identify the issue and working on it during the session, and if necessary over time.


     - H.S.

I love my sessions with Emily! It's pure luxury for me. She works with great precision, strength and sensitivity. She's very gentle, yet has the strength for deep tissue work. I appreciate her vast knowledge of physiology and movement.


      - Gale

Emily’s massage is head to toe pleasure. She zeros in on tight muscles and helps them to relax. They feel so much better afterward. This was definitely the best massage I ever experienced!


     - Kathy M.

My first massage with Emily was more than 5 years ago during my first pregnancy. Her ability to treat the pregnant and postpartum body is amazing; her bodywork kept me feeling great throughout both of my pregnancies.


Since that time, she has been a reliable and invaluable resource for helping me to manage pain and tension in my jaw, neck, back, and shoulders. Her friendly, warm, and professional demeanor is matched by an incredible knowledge and skill. She's simply the best!


       - Sarah L.

It is a great pleasure to share my enthusiasm for Emily Gatewood's's body work.  I have had many massages in my life, from many different massage therapists, but Emily is clearly the best I've ever experienced.


Emily's techniques exhibit a high level of training and skill, and her touch imbues me with a feeling of sincere caring.  Emily is highly adept at many techniques and she seems to know just what is needed in each session.


When I developed an unusual and hard-to-diagnose injury from cross country skiing, Emily went through the trouble of researching my condition and never gave up trying to address it, even after I stopped mentioning it.  That showed me how much she cares and how she goes the extra mile for her clients.  When I mentioned her theory to a very smart doctor friend, the doctor said Emily was spot-on in her focus on the particular structure of my body that she targeted.


As a bonus, Emily is an extraordinarily nice person --  I enjoy her personality and intelligence while immensely enjoying every massage I've had from her.  Although many MTs claim that they do custom massage designed for each individual, in my experience, many do just  what they are most comfortable doing. Emily truly manages to create a custom feeling with her massages, and no two seem exactly the same.


She is very strong but does not cause pain, and is capable of applying a perfect amount of pressure for every purpose, including deep tissue work and just plain relaxation and well-being.  Even her use of oils are custom -- you usually get a choice at the beginning of the session.  I leave her table being sad that it's over but feeling really good -- and somehow lighter and more energized.


I also know Emily as an excellent Pilates and Yoga teacher -- she knows body work from every angle.  I look forward to seeing her every few weeks -- the session is generally the highlight of my month.


     - Wayne


I have enjoyed your massage for some years now. You never fail to make my body feel better than when I came in to see you!


Besides being flexible and willing to work with my schedule, which at times has been difficult, you have a wonderful personality and we seem to always have an entertaining or peaceful time together - whichever I need.


When my son comes in from out of town, I always make sure to get him in to see you.  He really enjoys your massage. Thank you for taking such good care of my body. I am grateful.


     - Chris


Several years ago, my massage therapist retired from massage therapy. I had tried a number of therapists before her, so I was sad to see her go. After she left, I began my search again.


I tried quite a few therapists in the Montpelier area, and while most of them had something to recommend them, I couldn't find the one whom I would want to visit over and over. Finally, I found Emily last winter, and I have been so happy with her. I have found her to be a warm and caring person more interested in helping me than in making money, which is something too difficult to find in "healers" of any kind.


When I visit her, she is always totally engaged with addressing my needs by first of all spending a good amount of time talking to me about what might be going on with my body. Indeed, it feels as though I'm the most important person in the world to her for that 90 minutes.  When she is giving me a massage, she is completely focused on me, using her wise, intuitive touch to discover all the places in my body that need her attention. In that regard, she varies her pressure and approach to fit the needs of that particular place in my body.


During the process, she is patient and kind, never hurried, regularly checking in with me to see how I am. Her new space is comfortable and quiet; I enjoy it much more than when she was at First in Fitness.


In conclusion, Emily is a true professional who approaches her work almost like an artist. I highly recommend her and hope to continue seeing her for years to come.


    - Dr. William Ritke-Jones


I was looking for relaxation and I found it. As much as my mind wanted to go to stressful things I was totally unable to.  It was like floating away.  Thank you.


  - Sue

Emily is great. I would come back for another massage in a heart beat. Emily's touch was just right and she kept checking in with me to make sure that the strength was comfortable for me.  She also made sure to ask me what type of massage I like and what body parts are sensitive.  All in all it was a great experience.



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